We believe that the investors on the financial markets buy and sell
expectations. The art lies in figuring out the levels of expectation that
have been priced in, and then being able to successfully act on this information.

Irrational Investors
We believe that investors act emotionally and irrationally to a certain degree.
This point is always factored into our forecasts.

«Timing is everything» (Winston Churchill)
The timing of the ideal entry and exit points is of utmost importance to us at
ARISTO. Timing management demands a well-equipped infrastructure,
discipline, skill and experience.

We at ARISTO believe that financial markets move in cycles and act
accordingly. Discerning these cycles and their corresponding turning points
is essential to us.

«The trend is your friend» (Common Financial Market Wisdom)
Detecting above all the long-term trends and their time span is of central importance. Ignoring a trend and acting against it can be very costly in the financial markets.