For us at ARISTO defining an investment profile as well as setting
performance targets is an indispensable part of our investment process.
It serves as a basis for investment management and determines the
following factors: When and why are investments purchased and sold?
How and when is the investment process monitored?

Risk Management
In investment management the majority of our work is devoted to
monitoring investments. Monitoring the investments is nothing other
than straight forward risk management. Included in this is price
monitoring, which is done via methods such as setting price targets
and stop-loss limits.

Prudent Diversification
In investment management diversification of the type we propose with
our three "basket" investment strategy (security, growth and risk) is
essential. At ARISTO we believe that a diversification has to be both
prudent and intelligent. In addition, single positions may not exceed
certain minimum and maximum limits. This is the only way to ensure
prudent, intelligent and goal-orientated diversification.

Managing Change
To remain positive in the face of constant change is not always easy
from a human point of view. At ARISTO we seek to welcome change and
the opportunities it brings and turn it to our advantage by selecting a
suitable investment policy and the appropriate individual investments
for the benefit of our clients.

Compass InvestmentClock®


An old seafaring wisdom states that you must possess a compass, once you leave the safe harbour and set out to the open sea. The same also applies to investing. At the core of the InvestmentClock® there is liquidity; basically the money supply provided by central banks. Liquidity drives and navigates the economy and the capital markets. It helps to predict turning points. After all, every sailor knows, embarking on the open sea without a compass is mortal. As we set out to the open sea, we rather possess an imperfect compass than none at all. We are rather imperfectly right than perfectly wrong.