Investment Strategy


The premise behind ARISTO's risk diversification investment strategies
is a simple one. Its origin goes back as far as the Old Testament where
it is written than one should not put all one's eggs into the same basket;
instead one should divide one's wealth into three and invest each part
differently: one third should be put into reserves, one third into land
and one third into business.

At ARISTO we take this basic principle further and recommend to investors
that they do not divide their wealth into more than three parts or "baskets":
Investment Strategy - Risk, Growth, Security

The investment strategies are expressed as percentages of wealth and are
targeted to meet the individual investor's optimal long-term investment
requirements and constraints. Each "baskets" is «filled» according to
the following principles:
- Only once the need for security has been met entirely is investment
   in the growth "basket" considered.
- Only once the need for growth has been fully satisfied will investments
   in the risk "basket" be considered.