He who knows his goal, will find the path.

Investment Profile (Actual)
We deem it necessary to define and analyse the following client needs
which are an integral part of the analysis of the current situation
and form the basis of individual investment planning: Risk tolerance,
return requirements, investment horizon, liquidity requirements, legal
and regulatory constraints, individual wishes and requirements.

Investment Planning (Target)
Once the investment profile has been defined and created the target
position and the respective action plan will be set down. This is done
by means of a written investment plan. Firstly, the investment currency
(called reference currency) is determined, and then the investment strategy
is defined. Depending on the profile of the investor more than one single
reference currency or investment strategy can be selected.

Reference Currency
The basis for all reports on wealth and performance is the reference
currency. We recommend selection of the currency in which the investor
conducts most of his or her trading. For most investors this would mean
choosing the currency of the country they are domiciled. For reasons of
risk diversification it is sometimes more prudent to purposely opt for
different reference currencies.